Answers to your questions about private home tutoring

  1. What subjects do you teach?
    I tutor all math and science subjects, SAT, Regents and High School Entrance Exam preparation. You'll also find a list of subjects on my Tutoring Subjects page.
  2. How many lessons will my child need?
    While some students need a tutor for as long as a year or more, others may only need help to prepare for an upcoming exam or getting through a sticking point.
  3. How long is each lesson?
    The time for tutoring ranges from several hours each week to one or two hours per week. There is a difference between challenging a child and pushing beyond his/her limits. I try to be sensitive to that.
  4. Do you offer one-on-one or group lessons?
    While group lessons may cost lost less, one-to-one tutoring is unquestionably the most effective way to improve subject knowledge and increase scores. Since children learn at different paces, lessons can be planned around his/her individual needs.
    Many students are amazed at how quickly they are able to grasp each topic when freed from the distractions of the classroom environment. Plus the personalized attention works to increase student confidence.
  5. What are your rates?
    Rates can vary slightly depending on how much travel is involved, since I will be traveling to your location (I live in Queens). Please contact me for up-to-date rate information and to explore whether there is a fit.
  6. Where are your tutoring sessions held?
    I offer convenient home tutoring, at times that work for you. I also provide tutoring in my own home in Rego Park, Queens, according to client preferences.
  7. Which geographic areas do you service?
    All five boroughs (Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island) plus Nassau County. Note that here is an additional time for longer travel time.
  8. Do you have experience teaching science & math in New York State?
    I have been teaching and tutoring math and science in New York for 35 years. I have masters degrees in both science education and guidance, and offer the most personalized and effective test preparation available.
  9. Can your tutoring really make a difference in SAT performance?
    With the competition for top colleges more fierce than ever, the SAT, without question, is the single most important test for most students in their high school careers. All that pressure to score well is creating more anxiety in students than ever.
    My SAT curriculum teaches strategies specifically designed for the SAT. Students learn how to deal with different types of questions, effective guessing strategies and general test-taking tips. Going into the exam room with this kind of preparation has proven time and again to significantly increase their test scores.

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