How To Unblock Your Brain

Study Tips & Techniques For College Bound Students

Let's face it–the heat is on. With college in your dreams for the future, you're now facing some fierce competition. Your middle and high school years are some of the busiest in your lives. To get the most from all you do, you need to get real with your time.

Before you even begin to think about the process of studying, you need to develop a schedule. Believe it or not, a well thought out schedule can be an absolute lifesaver. While you probably don't have a say in when your classes are assigned, you do have control over the rest of your time. Learning how to develop a schedule, make adjustments and follow it is a skill you will serve you well for life.

And don't think it means that you have to sacrifice after school or your entire social life. Taking time to chill and have fun is extremely important. Of course, sitting in front of the TV, lying down in bed or marathon texting is not conducive to learning either. You have to find a balance that is reasonable and, of course, keeps you moving forward.

You can try to study anywhere. But, obviously, some places are much better than others. The classroom is your place to listen and take notes. Use study hall time, libraries or student lounges to focus on studying. For some of us, even the sound of pages turning is distracting. So be sure to choose the place(s) that work best for you. Remember, too many distractions will build up until you're out of time and luck.

When you study is another key factor. Figure out when you do your best work if your brain handles math better in the afternoon, make sure you don't wait until right before bedtime. It's wise to study or do your assignments for your more difficult classes first–when your mind is fresh. You'll retain more that way, and avoid that awful brain drain feeling.

Be careful how hard you push yourself, too. Expecting to ace every class and test is not realistic. Everyone has bad days and some exams will hold tough surprises. At the same time, you don't have to settle for merely passing when you know you can do better. Take time to consider your potential and create workable goals.

College may seem like a long way off, but it creeps up quicker than you think!

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