Can Tutoring Really Help My Child?

A difference that helps now and lasts a lifetime

Even Albert Einstein struggled with some things. Working with a professional tutor can make all the difference in the world. Individual private lessons are simply the most effective method for students to improve subject knowledge and increase test scores.

Steve Tier has both taught and tutored science, math and the S.A.T.'s for more than thirty years. He is licensed in both science and math, has two master's degrees: one in science education and another in guidance–and is currently tutoring more than fifteen different subjects at Queensboro Community College.

It is no surprise that he received an award for Long Island Science Teacher of The Year. His philosophy is simple: students need to have their imagination challenged. Lessons are structured around the individual needs of each student and, with patience, respect and professionalism Steve Tier has helped literally hundreds of students to greatly improve their confidence and significantly increase their test scores.