What families like yours are saying about Steve Tier

"Mr. Tier has many years of experience and knowledge teaching AP Chemistry. He is able to teach and explain in a way my child can understand. He has given my son the confidence he needed to tackle AP Chemistry. My son went from a student getting 40's on his tests to one getting 80's and 90's.

We had been turned down by other tutors when they saw that the curriculum and structure of this class was harder than normal. I admire the fact that Mr. Tier did not discourage us in the beginning as others did, but took the time to work with my son."

» Diana L. (parent), NY

"He helps me understand things that went over my head in class. After working with Mr. Tier, my chemistry test scores have increased about 10-15%"

» Adam Y. (student), NY

"Biology can be a fairly boring subject, but Mr. Tier makes it lively and interesting. My son enjoys his lessons and Mr. Tier's teaching style. Mr. Tier is a great teacher, patient, and always on time."

» Hedy S. (parent), NY

"Our children are involved in a competitive sport, which requires many hours of practice each week. Because of their schedule we have felt the need to have a tutor to help keep them up to date with their academics, as they don't have as many after school hours to study.

Mr. Steve Tier has been invaluable to our family. Both our children feel comfortable with him. They can ask any question and never feel that it was a silly one. He is always prompt and many times flexible with his schedule. He is very knowledgeable in Math and Science. For SAT prep he is great. Mr. Tier will take what could be a dry subject for a child and relate it to our world. Many times this has helped our daughters understand the difficult topics of Physics and Chemistry.

I highly recommend Mr. Tier as do our children!"

» Nancy W., NY

"Since your involvement in our daughter's math tutoring sessions, she has exhibited a great deal of confidence and enthusiasm, which has definitely attributed to her increasing math scores. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help and look forward to many more math tutoring sessions."

» The Cintolo Family, NY

"In a few short weeks, Mr. Tier has helped my son understand concepts that he struggled with all year. My son says he would give Mr. Tier the highest possible marks! He would rate him an 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. This is because Mr. Tier is articulate and he doesn't 'do' the work for the student. He helps the student do the problems on their own."

» Gayle S. (Parent of Geometry Student), NY

"I will give Steve Tier a 10 because he helped my son and also is a very nice personHe helped my son to do his ACT math and do it fast. My son says he is a funny and cool person. He like him a lot."

» Ela K., NY

"I worked with Steve Tier for several years at Francis Lewis High School. During this time I found him to be an excellent teacher. He worked well with students and faculty. It is a pleasure to give him my recommendation."

» Dr. Michael Sass

"Mr. Tier is a good teacher. He helps you with what you need to know and teaches what you should learn in a week, in an hour. I didn't fail a math test this year!"

» Kritika C., NY

"Mr. Tier is very patient with my daughter and knowledgeable. He has helped bring up my daughters average by 10 points, at least. He makes it so my daughter likes chemistry because she understands it."

» Vasilia M. (parent), NY

"Victoria's average went up 17 points in the second marking period on her report card."

» Victoria R. (Parent), NY

"Mr. Tier is good at explaining how to do things and he won't go on unless he's sure that the student understands everything clearly. Mr. Tier has helped me in my physics class by teaching me new things and giving me practice problems. Ever since my first lesson with him I noticed a big improvement. He has a really good sense of humor and makes his lessons fun."

» Auset (student), NY

"At first I was fearing failing the Physics Regents. Nobody in the grade could even grab the concept. After coming to Mr. Tier for tutoring, I got an 84, which is great considering I was 49 points above the class average, a 35."

» Kristen (student), NY

"Mr. Tier's help has made me participate in class more often and has helped me to help others."

» Takesha (Physics student), NY