About Mr. Tier

I have been a teacher and tutor of science, math and S.A.T.s for more than thirty years. I am licensed in both science and math and have tutored the S.A.T.s successfully for decades. In the 1970s I received the award for Long Island Science Teacher of the Year. I have two masters degrees, one in science education and another in guidance. Currently I am tutoring more than fifteen different subjects at Queensboro Community College where Im often tutoring four or more subjects in the course of a day.

When I first began tutoring it became painfully clear that a tutoring session was very different from a teaching session. Gone were the daily lesson plans and weekly tests, results had to be achieved in a much shorter period of time. If I was to have a business at all, I had to teach whole courses or S.A.T.s in two months or less. Tutoring generally means having a student for six weeks who is either, 6 months behind in the class or else wishing to excel to the highest possible grade. Within this intensive time frame I typically have to address the toughest problems in the curriculum. As a result Ive had to maintain and develop a high degree of proficiency in current course work that often exceeds the classroom itself.

Over the years I have honed my methods to extract the most learning in the least possible time, while still achieving excellent results and keeping the subjects interesting. I am ready and able to achieve results in any high school math or science course, as well as the S.A.T.s. I believe my success can be measured by the achievements of my students whose work and recommendation are the engine of my still thriving tutoring.