"Did my math teacher get the tests mixed up?"

The Repeated Story of Steve Tier's NYC Math Tutoring Service

Robert was a good kid.

Bad at math (or so everyone seemed to think) but a good kid.

But his parents and some of his teachers mistook his academic struggles, especially in all matters math related, as personal shortcomings. Robert's "lazy" or "just not a good student," they would say. In turn, Robert withdrew and almost embraced the role of "slacker."

Everyone–Robert, his parents, his teachers–couldn't believe it when Robert scored a 94 on his final math exam of the year. Everyone, that is, but me...

Watching a student struggle with math is the most difficult part of my job–I've been teaching and tutoring in the NYC area for over thirty years.

Most kids, even the ones whose parents are convinced they are "slackers" really want to do well. But, like Robert, they get stuck. Often lost in a NYC classroom of 25, 30 or even more students, kids get lost on one chapter in math and then suffer through everything that comes next, no matter how hard they try.

I tutor students like Robert one-on-one, and give them tools and support they've never had before. The results are superbly rewarding for me and often amazing for students and their parents. You see, there really are no bad kids. If you don't want to believe something: Don't believe the "slacker" facade because the scores are real.

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