Trigonometry Tutoring

The help you've been looking for with trigonometry is here...

Common challenges students face with trigonometry:

  • How the properties of trigonometric functions relate to the graphs of these functions
  • Proofs of trigonometric identities: use of algebra and operation with fractions to prove the identities
  • Use of the law of sines and the law of cosines for angle measurement and distance measurement in a triangle

You can improve your scores on trigonometry tests. All you need are the right techniques, the right support, and someone who takes the time to explains things in a way that makes sense to you as an individual.

I've taught trigonometry in the classroom and in private trigonometry tutoring sessions for over 20 years, and I know what it takes to help students not only get better test results, but also actually "get it" and understand the material.

Is there a specific area within trigonometry that you're struggling with? Would you like to learn more about how having a private trigonometry tutor can help? I would be happy to talk with you and your child. No pressure, no obligation. I promise.

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