Physics Tutoring

Having difficulty understanding physics?
It's a tough subject, but it doesn't have to be impossible...

Common challenges students face with physics:

  • How does the photoelectric effect illustrate the conservation of energy?
  • A simple formula for the conservation of momentum (not on the Physics Reference Tables).
  • How to compare Newton's Law of Gravitation to Coulomb's Law for Static Electricty.
  • An easy way to calculate currents in parallel circuits using only Ohm's Law!

Physics can be one of the most difficult subjects to learn.

With some proactive studying and some quality help, you don't have to struggle with physics. Tutoring can lead to better grades and a better overall grasp on the material. Each individual learns differently, and that's why it's best to have somebody to explain the subject matter in a manner that suits your individual learning style.

I have beyond 20 years of experience teaching science as a private tutor and New York State high school teacher. I've taught physics in the classroom and as a private tutor to hundreds of students. I know what is required to help students improve their grades and test results, and even more importantly what it takes to actually understand the material and finally "get it."

Is there a specific area within physics that you're struggling with? Would you like to learn more about how having a private tutor for physics can help? I would be happy to talk with you and your child. No pressure, no obligation. I promise.

"Mr. Tier has helped me in my physics class by teaching me new things and giving me practice problems. Ever since my first lesson with him I noticed a big improvement. He has a really good sense of humor and makes his lessons fun."

» Auset (student), NY

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