Private Instruction for Home Schooled Students in New York

All math and science subjects from elementary education to first-year college

Parents of New York home schooled students...

  • Are you worried about not having sufficient background in an area of math or science that you are currently teaching, or which may be coming up in your curriculum?
  • Would your child benefit from private instruction, tailored to his or her needs, by a licensed teacher with over 20 years of math & science teaching experience?

Here are some examples of topics other parents have asked me to cover:

  • Why did the Egyptians put tar on a mummy's bandage?
  • How do you tackle problems based on clocks and time?
  • How do you setup a word problem and what are the best strategies for solving them?
  • What are practical uses of trigonometry in the real world?
  • What's the best way to approach logic proofs and trigonometry proofs?
  • How do you solve mole problems in chemistry?

I welcome you to contact me with your questions:

* Special rates available for home school groups.

* I'm also available to administer exams to NY home school students.