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Common challenges students face with earth science:

  • How does a hygrometer measure humidity (the math formula and why it works)?
  • Why is it impossible to have large caverns near the core of the earth – use of Earth Science Reference Tables.
  • What is a main sequence in astronomy (Earth Science Reference Tables)? How does our sun fit into the sequence?

Earth science can be fun and interesting to learn, but it can also be a bit difficult to grasp.

You can score higher on earth science tests and increase your understanding of the subject matter by learning to use the correct techniques and getting the right support. Sometimes all it takes is someone who can explain things in a way that complements your individual learning style.

I've taught earth science in the classroom and in private tutoring sessions to hundreds of students and I know what it takes to help students not only get better test results, but also actually "get it" and understand the material. I have more than 20 years of experience teaching science as a New York State high school teacher and private tutor.

Is there a specific area within earth science that you're struggling with? Would you like to learn more about how having a private tutor for earth science can help? I would be happy to talk with you and your child. No pressure, no obligation. I promise.

"I worked with Steve Tier for several years at Francis Lewis High School. During this time I found him to be an excellent teacher. He worked well with students and faculty. It is a pleasure to give him my recommendation."

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