"Our children are involved in a competitive sport, which requires many hours of practice each week. Because of their schedule we have felt the need to have a tutor to help keep them up to date with their academics, as they don't have as many after school hours to study.

Mr. Steve Tier has been invaluable to our family. Both our children feel comfortable with him. They can ask any question and never feel that it was a silly one. He is always prompt and many times flexible with his schedule. He is very knowledgeable in Math and Science. For SAT prep he is great. Mr. Tier will take what could be a dry subject for a child and relate it to our world. Many times this has helped our daughters understand the difficult topics of Physics and Chemistry.

I highly recommend Mr. Tier as do our children!"

» Nancy W., NY

"Since your involvement in our daughter's math tutoring sessions, she has exhibited a great deal of confidence and enthusiasm, which has definitely attributed to her increasing math scores. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help and look forward to many more math tutoring sessions."

The Cintolo Family, NY

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